19, 2016

Just The Greats

If your like me, old, drink too much and love Classic Rock, then this is the place for you!

It’s Friday, your finished a long hard week of work, and your dying to get home and have that first drink! Along with that drink comes relaxation and of course great music, this is where JustClassicRock.com comes in!

Make you first Vodka Tonic, or Martini, or Scotch and maybe even a beer or all 4, sit down in your favorite chair and turn on JustClassicRock.com and listen to NOTHING but the best Rock Music music from the 60’s & 70 and possibly some 80’s.

Now of course fix yourself a second drink, and call up, text or FaceBook  your buddies and tell then to tune in to JustClassicRock.com

Are you ready yet? What are you waiting for?? Turn us on! ;0)

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